People Power for Renewable Energy Learn More


People Power for Renewable Energy Learn More

Here’s the plan

We’re using people power to build renewable energy projects. You can help, starting today.


70% of people support renewable energy. If you are one of them, please sign up today.


We identify a “shovel ready” renewable energy project. You sponsor it by switching retailer.


At the same time as you are saving money on your electricity bill, you are helping to save the planet!

Let's build renewable energy - together!

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Why Should I Sign Up?

We want to build lots of new renewable energy projects across Australia. Rather than wait for “the government” to do something, we’ve decided to take charge. There are a few good reasons why you should join us.

Save Money

We’ll get you a great deal on your electricity supply. Before you switch, we’ll estimate how much you will save compared to your current arrangements.

Save Time

Switching electricity supplier used to be a hassle. With our “one click” process it’s as simple as sending a text message. We make it easy.

Save the Planet

Climate change is a big problem. Renewable energy is the solution. Because of you, a new source of clean, cheap electricity is going to be added to the grid.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve still got questions, we’ve got the answers. Don’t forget to sign up.

Who is EnergyUp?
EnergyUp Pty Ltd is a privately owned company. We are independent, which means we’ll get the best deal for you. We’ll partner with an electricity retailer and renewable energy developer to achieve our goals.

Why do you want my email address?
Most energy retailers believe people aren’t interested in renewable energy. We know they are wrong.

We’re collecting 1,000 emails to prove there is demand for renewable energy in Australia. The first 1,000 people to sign up will be invited to sponsor our first project, a solar farm in the town of Renmark in South Australia.

We won’t share your email address with anyone without your explicit permission.

What is your privacy policy?
We’ll never release your information to a third party without your explicit, informed consent. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is electricity, generated using sources other than fossil fuels. Because it doesn’t run out, it is called “renewable”. The most common forms of renewable energy are hydro, solar and wind power.

At EnergyUp, we are building solar farms during 2017 and will move into community-scale wind farms in 2018.