Renmark Solar Farm

People Power for Renewable Energy

The Challenge

Due to climate change, Australian farmers along the Murray River need to find new crops that don’t require intensive irrigation. A solar farm uses the energy from the sun to create clean electricity for our homes and businesses.

The Solution

EnergyUp and Redmud Green Energy help land owners to become solar farmers. Together, we construct the solar farm and sell the energy to the electricity market, delivering a fair price for the solar farmer.

About Us


Redmud Green Energy


Redmud Green Energy, based in the Riverland, South Australia, is an initiative of Yates Electrical Services which offers land-owners the opportunity to re-purpose their properties for the construction and implementation of solar farms.


By utilising vacant land titles with a footprint of approximately 1.2 acres, Redmud Green Energy Solar Farms are designed to export generated energy into the grid, enabling energy and to be sold on the National Electricity Market.


Redmud has completed four projects to date in and around Renmark. Each project is owned by a consortium of investors, including the solar farmer.




EnergyUp, based in Melbourne, Victoria, is a startup company working with renewable energy developers and energy retailers to enable the construction of community-scale renewable energy projects.


By bundling together groups of customers who support renewable energy with new projects, EnergyUp is able to enter into arrangements that allow the solar farmer to be paid a fair price for his project and the customers to support renewable energy without paying a price premium.


The Renmark Solar Farm is the first project for EnergyUp. To proceed to construction, we need 300 customers to agree to switch onto a new retail arrangement. This will allow us to negotiate an offtake agreement for the Renmark Solar Farm that makes this project viable.

How does it work?

Site Selection

We have permits to build the solar farm on several sites and have entered into arrangements with the landowners. The Renmark Solar Farm will be constructed on these sites and the energy produced will be sold to our retail partner.

Build a Community

Before the project can be built, we need customers to sell the energy to. That’s where you come in. We need 300 “sponsors” for the Renmark Solar Farm. Each sponsor will switch their household electricity supply over to our partner retailer.

Deal Done

Once we’ve reached our target of 300 customers, contracts are signed and the project is built. By switching your electricity retailer, you will get a great deal at a low price and the Renmark Solar Farm will be built.

If you are interested in supporting the development of the Renmark Solar Farm, please add your details below.