For Retailers

Renewable Energy + Customers

The Challenge

Australian electricity retailers need to purchase approximately 20% of their energy from renewable energy sources. Finding a good deal isn’t always easy, with negotiations over price dragging out for months.

The Solution

EnergyUp makes it easy. We bring you “shovel-ready” projects. Each EnergyUp project is sponsored by a group of customers, helping your business to grow.

EnergyUp - People Power for Renewables

Over 70% of Australians support renewable energy. Some show their support by installing solar panels on their roof. Others purchase GreenPower. That leaves 4 million households that say they support renewable energy, but haven’t yet taken action.

We ask customers to show their support for renewables by sponsoring a single renewable energy project, typically a community-scale solar or wind farm. Sponsors agree to switch to a new energy retailer, when a threshold has been achieved. The threshold can be as small as a few hundred households and as many as tens of thousands for a large project.

So, if you are interested in winning hundreds, thousands or even tens-of-thousands of new residential customers, please contact us today.

How does it work?

Project Selection

We identify a “shovel ready” project that is a good fit for your portfolio. Rates and targets are negotiated.

Find Sponsors

We build a large community of sponsors, who agree to show their support for the project by switching retailer.

Deal Done

Contracts are signed, customers are transferred and a new renewable energy project is built!